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Padawan Raft Safari 2012 Cetak Padawan Raft Safari 2012


Picture yourself in a bamboo raft with family or friends crushing down a crystal clear river and surrounded by the beautiful scenery of Mother Nature all along the way. That is what the Padawan Raft Safari 2012 is about, a chance to get close to nature, enjoy its natural wealth and possibly win attractive prizes too! Comprising of both Rafting: 1. Men Open 2. Women 3. Government Departments 4. Hotel & Tour Agencies) and kayaking  (open) categories, the event will be held on 8th July 2012  (Sunday). The starting points are at Kpg Annah Rais, Kpg Temurang and Kpg Danu (flag off from 7.00 am to 9:00a.m. according to category) and finishing at Kpg Git (closing ceremony 3:00p.m.). A total of approximately 40 km for the Rafting Expert category and kayaking while 26 km for other rafting categories along the Sungai Sarawak Kiri in the Padawan area.

The events had been held for more than 5 years and the main reasons why many participants come back to this river are the great scenery and chances to get close up to nature along the ride down the river. With dense forest lining either side of the river bank, the huge outcrop of rock at various stretches of the river is a marvel to see. The water is relatively clean and of varying depths. Participants can experience the famous Giam Rapids as part of the challenge. It would be difficult and costly for anyone to experience this river ride on their own and therefore this Raft Safari is in fact a great opportunity to enjoy the very nature’s bounty here.


Jointly organized by Padawan Municipal Council,  Ministry of Tourism Malaysia in collaboration with government agencies and NGOs, this year’s race promises even more fun with a host for other activities. On the same day an open sale and exhibitions beside cultural show and singing competition will be held at Kampung Git for the entertainment of the participants & general public.


Application for participation should be made on official entry forms with the full entry fee at the office of Padawan Municipal Council. As places for participation are limited, acceptance is based on a `first come first served basis’. The Organiser reserves the right to accept or refuse submissions for registration.




Downloads :

Rafting Competition Form

Kayak Competition Form