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Last Update: 26 Apr 2018
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357 registered for BHR Padawan Nature Challenge 2016
Posted on : 15 Nov 2016  Source of News:

KUCHING: A total of 357 participants have registered to partake in the Borneo Highlands (BHR) Padawan Nature Challenge 2016.

The categories to be competed are the MPP Chairman Cycling Trophy (45km cycling event), Penrissen Summit Trekking Challenge (15km trekking), Batu Panggah Trekking Challenge (10km) and Borneo Highlands Run (8km run).

Organising chairman of BHR Padawan Nature Challenge 2016, Councillor Bronnie Marshall ak Benedict Poris disclosed at a press conference and cheque presentation of sponsorship by Sports Toto, one of the sponsors, at MPP yesterday, the organisers had managed to get 57 teams – two participants each team – for the Batu Panggah Trekking Challenge.  And for the Borneo Highland Run which is an 8-km run from the foothill, 81 participants have registered for the men’s category and 51 participants for the ladies’ category.

For the Penrissen Summit Trekking Challenge, which is a 15-km jungle trekking challenge, he said they have managed to get 29 teams (two participants each team).

“After a lapse of eight years, we managed to get 53 participants for the MPP Chairman Cycling Event, from Kota Padawan to the BHR Plateau. We targetted 100 participants but managed to get only 53 participants, “ he said.

Bronnie said the commissars and marshals from the Sarawak Cycling Association will be doing all the points from the starting to the finishing line.

The BHR Padawan Nature Challenge 2016 is offering a prize money totalling RM15,600.

Every finisher or participant who manages to complete will be given a medal with logo of Puncak Borneo and Bidayuh Baruk on it.

Meanwhile, Bronnie disclosed that apart from RM5,000 in sponsorship received from Sports Toto, yesterday, the organiser had also managed to get sponsorship of RM50,000 from the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture, and Sports and Titanium Bhd had confirmed to give sponsorship of RM2,000 cash.

Bronnie informed there will be a barbecue with the participants at 7.00pm on 19 Nov at the Plateau area, Borneo Highlands Resorts.

BHR Padawan Nature Challenge is an event jointly organised by the Padawan Municipal Council and Borneo Highlands Resort.