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Last Update: 25 Apr 2018
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Landslide in Kpg Simuti cleared in a few hours later
Posted on : 25 Jan 2017  Source of News:
Detta (centre) points to the landslide. Bronnie is at right.
The road clearing work in progress.

KUCHING: The heavy downpour Monday night has caused a landslide on the road in Kampung Simuti at Jalan Puncak Borneo.

A councillor with Padawan Municipal Council, Bronnie Benedict Poris, said the road was cleared a few hours later after a contractor was informed of the incident.

“Coincidentally, a CMS contractor was doing some construction work at a village nearby. They immediately came to the scene to clear the soil to make the road accessible again,” he said when contacted yesterday.

Earlier, Bronnie and a special aide to Mambong MP, Datuk Detta Samen visited the site.