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Promoting healthy lifestyle through football
Posted on : 24 Mar 2017  Source of News:

Lo (seated centre) flanked by Ahmad on his left and Andrem with the visitors. Leong and Yee are seated second and third right respectively.

KUCHING: One Goal Malaysia under One Vision Malaysia is carrying out Eat Right to Play Right (ERPR) programme to engage communities through football. The programme to educate children on the importance of nutrition is a pilot project in the state.

The partners are Zurich Insurance and Takaful Malaysia Berhad, Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) and Asian Football Federation (AFC), supported by Padawan Municipal Council (MPP) and Sarawak branch of National Anti-Drug Agency (AADK). The facilitator of the programme is Kelab Bola Sepak Premier Skills, Kota Padawan.

Yesterday, the organisers paid a courtesy visit on MPP to explain the objective of the project. Among the delegates were Zurich Insurance Malaysia Berhad head of marketing and communications, Yee Shiao Fong; One Goal Malaysia/World Vision Malaysia CEO Terry Leong; and AADK Sarawak assistant director of prevention agency, Devan Arup.

Leong said the three-day training programme from today to 27 aimed to impact the community by educating the younger generation on the importance of proper nutrition. It targets children aged seven to 12 years old. The programme will be held at Kpg Semaba football field.

“There are a total of 30 coaches participating in this pilot project, the communities coming mainly from Padawan area. The group of youth volunteer coaches are dedicated to educate younger kids in their own communities,” Leong said.

She said coaches come together on a quarterly basis to share best practices, discuss key challenges and celebrate their successes.

“These community coaches are a ray of hope to many of the children in our kampungs and aspire to partner with the Sarawak community in this effort to improve child well-being,” she said.

She stressed that this will be a long-term programme in the state, and that bringing the anti-drug agency for the programme was a wise move to warn the children on the danger of taking drugs.

Yee said Zurich has committed RM4 million from 2015 until next year to address malnutrition –undernourishment and obesity – among Malaysian children.

“Using football as a platform, the ERPR programme promotes the importance of a healthy diet and balanced lifestyle,” she said.

The programme has been launched in 20 communities in Selangor, Kelantan and Sabah since its inception in January last year. Lo Khere Chiang who is Batu Kitang assemblyman and MPP chairman said he was happy the programme was being carried out in his constituency.

“It is a noble effort that will help the people in the area and bring confidence to young people,” Lo commented. Present were MPP deputy chairman Datuk Ahmad Ibrahim and council secretary Andrew Jores.