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Last Update: 18 Jun 2018
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Lo: Take good care of pets, neuter and vaccinate them
Posted on : 07 Jul 2017  Source of News:

(from left) Lo, Wan and Lijuina pose at one of the lanes after the inspection.

KOTA SAMARAHAN: Members of the public are urged to take good care of their pets, especially dogs, and not let them roam outside their house compound.

Following the recent rabies outbreak in Serian, Padawan Municipal Council (PMC) chairman Lo Khere Chiang also hoped that the public were aware of  the dangers of the disease as about 90 per cent of rabies cases in Malaysia are transmitted by dogs.

“We cannot tell people not to have pet dogs just because of the rabies outbreak in Serian. We can, however, tell people to take good care of their pets and be responsible owners.

“They also have to neuter their pets if they don’t want them to multiply and also to vaccinate them for the good of the animals, and also public safety,” he said.

As for stray dogs, Lo added that if their population was controlled, the risk of an outbreak happening could be minimised or even eliminated.

“We have been catching stray dogs for a very long time now. Apart from neutering them and sending them to animal shelters, we have sent them to areas far away from any human settlement. It is never our intention to kill them,” he said.

Lo told reporters this yesterday when he inspected works being done on Jalan Stakan, which comes under Kota Samarahan Municipal Council (KSMC).

According to the Batu Kitang assemblyman, the works would enter the second phase soon because the main road had already been resurfaced.

“The second phase will see road repair works done at the lanes which are connected to the main road that is being maintained by KSMC. A budget of RM600,000 is needed for the project’s second phase,” he said.

PMC technician Wan Beng Tee and assistant engineer Lijuina Ngojen were among those who accompanied Lo during the inspection.