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Last Update: 26 Sep 2018
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Roadside stalls at Kpg Bumbok demolished
Posted on : 20 Sep 2017  Source of News:

Photographs showing the dismantling of the Kampung Bumbok roadside hawker stalls at Jalan Batu Kitang. — Photos by Chimon Upon

The entrance to the new hawker centre, opened in July 2017.

KUCHING: The roadside wooden stalls at Kampung Bumbok near here were dismantled by the local council under supervision of the police early yesterday morning.

No one was trading there when the stalls were demolished though one or two hawkers did come over and expressed their grouses and disappointment to personnel of the authorities.

The situation was reportedly under control.

The stalls were dismantled so that the hawkers could all move to the new Kampung Bumbok hawker centre just nearby.

The new centre was opened in July this year.

When met at Kota Sentosa yesterday afternoon, Padawan Municipal Council (MPP) chairman Lo Khere Chiang said the dismantling of the old roadside hawker stalls and the opening of the new centre – both at Jalan Batu Kitang – was to ensure safety and avoid road accident, adding the interest of the community must precede the interest of a few persons.

Stating that it could not be guaranteed that road accidents would not happen at the old site if it remained there, he said: “It is good to take precaution. It is also fair to listen to the majority of the public for wanting a better and proper place to trade and shop.”

He said the new hawker centre is a safe and proper place to trade and shop.

Lo, who is Batu Kitang assemblyman, urged people to be calm and not to politicise the matter.

In addition, he requested all to work together to ensure smooth implementation of projects and progress in Batu Kitang.