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Last Update: 19 Oct 2018
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SDC urged to set up bigger service centre in Siburan
Posted on : 21 Oct 2017  Source of News:

KUCHING: Serian Disrict Council has been asked to consider setting up a bigger service centre in Siburan to ensure better services can be provided to the increasing population in the area.

Assistant Minister of Transportation Datuk Dr Jerip Susil said as Siburan is now undergoing rapid development, a bigger service centre is needed to meet the needs of the community.

“As we all can see, the population in Siburan keeps increasing because of many properties like shop lots and residential houses coming up in the surrounding area.

“The increase in population will certainly demand for bigger, better and efficient services from the council’s counters,” he said at the launch of the interaction with the community programme organised by SDC in Siburan near here yesterday.

Dr Jerip, who is Mambong assemblyman, said a bigger service centre is also needed considering that the people in Siburan lived quite far from Serian.

He said SDC should start to plan ahead for Siburan in terms of services as the government might upgrade Siburan from a sub-district to district.

“It is the government’s plan to upgrade Siburan to full district as Siburan continues to expand in terms of properties and population,” he said.

Siburan sub-district is now under the jurisdiction of Serian Division and SDC, bringing several villages which were formerly under the Padawan Municipal Council to also come under the new division.

Villages that come under SDC include Kampung  Sentah, Masaan, Sg Duuh, Tijirak, Siga, Sinjok, Mundai, Maang, Sg Riset, Skuduk, Plaman Payang, Chupak, Duras, Beradau, Prutan, Sebanyis, Tabuan Rabak, Pulau Kandis, Menjau, Patung, Kerumboi, Kuang-Toop, Batu Gong Baru, Batu Gong Lama, Jawa Gunda as well as Mile 15 to 18 in Siburan, Mile 21 to 26 in Tapah, and Mile 19 to 20 in Beratok.