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Last Update: 19 Oct 2018
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‘Put up sport centre in Batu Kitang’
Posted on : 11 Nov 2017  Source of News:

Lo Khere Chiang seen at theState Legislative Assembly (DUN) complex after third day of the sitting.

THE state government has been asked to consider setting up a sport centre in Batu Kitang to cater to the needs of youths there.

Lo Khere Chieng (BN-Batu Kitang) said the constituency with a population of about 40,000 was lacking in good sport facilities.

“Children are our future and we should nurture them and not lose them to drug abuse and other crimes.

“The younger generation needs good sport facilities to release their stress in this competitive world of today,” he said when debating the state Budget yesterday.

He noted that with escalating drug problems in the society, there was a need to look for ways to ensure youngsters spend their free time in healthy activities instead of wandering in shopping complexes or dabbling in crimes.

Lo told the august House that he had identified a piece of land behind Kampung Paya Mebi which is suitable for the purpose.

He believed that 20 acres would be more than enough to build a sport centre where youths could pick up any type of sports event of their liking, be it basketball, football, tennis or futsal.

“Also, it would be good to build a proper sport centre with lodging facilities. I propose that Padawan Municipal Council be entrusted with the responsibility of looking after the operation of these facilities upon completion,” he said.