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Sarawak gov't says Bengoh Dam is safe
Posted on : 13 Nov 2017  Source of News:
A general view of the Bengoh Dam in Padawan, Sarawak. NSTP pic.
By MOHD ROJI KAWI - November 13, 2017 @ 7:59pm

PETRA JAYA: The state government has denied media reports claiming that there was a leakage at the Bengoh Dam in Padawan, which compromised the safety of the facility.

State Utilities Minister Datuk Seri Dr Stephen Rundi Utom gave his assurance to some 2,000 people living near the dam that the facility’s safety and integrity has not been compromised.

“The Bengoh Dam is technically and structurally sound and stable, and not as alleged by certain quarters in the media recently,” Rundi told reporters at the State Legislative Assembly Complex here today.

He was responding to a media report quoting a state PKR leader, who had alleged that the Bengoh Dam was showing signs of leakage at the lower portion of its downstream face wall.

The ministry, he said, received reports from experienced international dam specialist from China and United Kingdom (UK) assuring the government that the Bengoh dam is strong and stable.

“The design and construction of the dam involved the inputs from experienced dam specialists from the UK as well as a specialist dam contractor from China, who has built more than 200 dams around the world.

“This design and subsequent construction was further reviewed by a peer reviewer, who is a world renowned dam specialist from Australia,” he said.

Rundi also spoke on the recent lowering of the reservoir water level at the Bengoh Dam, which may have triggered speculations of the facility’s safety.

“This was done in accordance with the operation procedures as advised by the dam’s consultant.

“It was a planned lowering of the water levels, in which, the water was released through the draw off culvert.

“It (the lowering of the reservoir water level) was not caused by any fault of dam leakage,” he said.

He added that the safety and integrity of the Bengoh Dam has been confirmed by the dam consultant and specialist from UK-based Halcrow Consultant during his recent and periodic inspection to the facility end of last month.