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Last Update: 19 Oct 2018
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Legal action awaits those yet to remove illegal extensions
Posted on : 30 Jan 2018  Source of News:

KUCHING: The Padawan Municipal Council (MPP) is in the process of obtaining court order against property owners and tenants who still refuse to take down unauthorised extensions or structures on their premises.

According to Batu Kitang assemblyman Lo Khere Chiang, who is also MPP chairman, the council has identified 121 of such unauthorised extensions or structures on commercial and residential properties in areas under its jurisdiction.

He stressed that warning notices had been issued to the owners, ordering them to demolish these extensions from their properties, but ‘apparently, the warnings fell on deaf ears’.

“Those who are responsible for (installing) these illegal structures had been reminded verbally, before being served with warning notices. Even after being served with the notices (for them) to take down the structures, they still refuse to demolish them.

“I am appealing to these people to demolish these unauthorised extensions; otherwise, be ready to face the legal consequences,” he told reporters after chairing MPP full council meeting yesterday.

The summary report on commercial areas under MPP’s jurisdiction states that there are 13 unauthorised structures built at Taman Muhibah Mile 13; two at M10 Commercial Centre; four at Mile 7 Bazaar; four at Gateway Commercial Centre Mile 7; three at Sentosa Avenue Commercial Centre; six at New Shoplot Mile 7; three at Sentosa Parade Commercial Centre, Mile 7; one at Kit5ang 1 Commercial Centre; one at Maong Bazaar Mile; six at Dogan Commercial Centre; six along Jalan Batu Kawah; seven at Kuching City Mall; 27 at Batu Kawah New Township; five at Desa Wira Commercial Centre; four at Batu Kawa E-Mart Commercial Centre; one at Batu Kawa (Bridge) Commercial Centre; six at E-Mart Matang; one at Matang Pelangi Commercial Centre; seven at Liang Kee Commercial Centre Mile 4, Matang; three at Lee Ling Commercial Centre Mile 7 Matang; three at Twin One Avenue 1, Matang; seven at Taman Malihah; one at Taman Genesis; one at Taman Suria Matang Jaya; five at Matang Jawa Commercial Centre; two at Matang Hub Swan Commercial Centre; and two at Residence Commercial 805, Jalan Matang.

Lo warned those responsible for the installation of unauthorised extensions and refuse to demolish even after being ordered to, would not escape ‘the long arms of the law’.

“Nowadays, people want to live in comfortable and beautiful housing estates – they don’t want to see workshops, eateries and any kind of illegal extension appear around their living places.

“So, please don’t do illegal extensions or structures without the council’s approval. Don’t go against the law,” he said.

The Local Authorities Ordinance (Cleanliness) By-Laws, 1999 PART IV provides the penalty for contravening By-Law 19, which prohibits building works constituting danger to life, health and other aspects in any public place.

Any person who commits an offence under By-Law 19 may face an arrest without warrant by any police officer or any other officer authorised in writing on that behalf by the local authority and taken before a Magistrate’s Court.

The penalty can be a fine from RM100 to not more than RM2,000, or six-month imprisonment, or both.