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Last Update: 19 Nov 2018
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Dr Sim: All local councils to have Ipeople application
Posted on : 17 Aug 2018  Source of News:

Dr Sim (third left), flanked by Lo on his right and Ahmad and other staff and councillors cut the anniversary cake.

KUCHING: The use of smartphone IPeople application will be extended to all local councils in Sarawak as part of efforts to provide better services to the people.

Minister of Housing and Local Government Datuk Dr Sim Kui Hian said the IPeople application would enable the people to make complaints, make payment of assessment rate and other services.

He said the present ‘talian khidmat’ service was too slow, resulting in people wanting  to make complaints and give feedback having to wait for too long.

“I am very keen to extend the use of IPeople application to all local councils because ‘talian khidmat’ service that we have now is very slow to respond, and sometimes receiving no reply at all.

“We have to move in tandem with the advancement in technology to serve the people well,” Dr Sim said.

He said this when officiating at Padawan Municipal Council  (PMC) 22nd anniversary celebration at its premises in Kota Padwan yesterday.

Dr Sim added that extending the use of smartphone IPeople application to all local councils was necessary because the majority (80 per cent) of complaints to ‘talian khidmat’ were issues related to local councils.

He said providing better services must be the top priority of local councils otherwise the people would vent their anger on the government during elections.

“Local councils must bear in mind that whatever they do, their customers are their priority.

“They must address and fulfill their expectation.” He also urged PMC council staff and councillors to work with sincerity and in good teamwork to steer the council to greater success in serving the people.

Its chairman Lo Khere Chiang, who is also Batu Kitang assemblyman, deputy chairman Datuk Ahmad Ibrahim, staff and councillors were also present at the gathering.